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Sunset and sunrise, the warm waters of the southern seas and severe beauty of northern waters.
Shores of exotic countries, the mysterious Asia, hospitable port in Europe and America.
The wind of freedom!


Our philosophy

When the first sketches of the new yacht were made, designers From the well known Dutch company of Naval Architects - Vripack perfectly formulated the main idea for the Client: This yacht should fit a yachtsman, like a great suit fits a gentleman!

This boat doesn't compare to any existing yachts. It is something completely new in the yacht industry. Its reserved style combined with a touch of retro mostly speaks for itself.
Crafted to be built from aluminum using innovative technology designed by Vripack's Smart Kit, it is the new semi displacement cruise yacht intended for average voyages, assumes usability in a wide range of weather conditions, with high level of autonomy, complete safety and comfort, at high degree of stability in movement. Simplicity and ease of use is available due to the constant monitoring of all onboard systems. With great highspeed characteristics, fuel-efficiency is evident.

Long trips assume the most rational use of the boats space. Therefore, many innovative ideas were incorporated into the design expanding the possibilities for how the space can be utilized.

The reserved and reasonable, yet magnificent decor of the interior, the light rays coming in through the continuous glass and providing the sensation of flying over water, the spacious salon uniting the drawing room and the dining room into one uniform refined space, which harmoniously flows into a spacious and comfortable cockpit.

The yacht's intent, in many respects defines the lay-out of cabins. Considering long journeys at sea, everything is designed with the utmost comfort in mind. The lay-out of premises may change thanks to the multifunctionality of the rooms which transform, providing additional rational use of the premises. The highest quality of finishing materials and careful craftsmanship there is simply no other way!

In addition to the captain's cabin, which expands across the entire width of the boat; the VIP cabin; a transformer-cabin for guests; and the study, a cabin for all sorts of stuff, with a separate entrance is put in place.

The reserved and masculine feel of exterior design depicts the straightforward and laconic overall style. It can be seen everywhere throughout the boat: tall bulwark provide wide and safe longitudinal passes, the spacious cockpit but also comfortable sofas in a nasal part give a sensation of freedom, as does roomy and well equipped fly bridge.

A highly skilled yachtsman will especially appreciate the dually protected platform for swimming. This platform, which can be lowered underwater, allows for very simple use of the tender and provides the opportunity to comfortably enter the water without using a ladder. In order to receive pleasure from every second spent onboard, not only are high quality TV and AUDIO systems are installed, but so are numerous underwater cameras which are accompanied with projectors below the waterline, and are integrated into a single TV network for observation of the magnificent underwater world.

All of the above puts this yacht into the category of new generation MINI SUPERYACHTS This yacht is for those who knows how and enjoys operating a yacht, the way one would one's lie autonomously For those who can appreciate a calm, elegant, and rational style. For those who love to travel and feel the sensation of noble freedom, take in the beauty of world around them, while not sacrificing comfort and freedom and having the opportunity to continue attending to work matters in the office on deck. For those who are ready and able to be at sea both independently, as well as surrounded by friends and family.

For those who consider themselves true gentlemen! Designing of the yacht: a group of Naval Architects and Designers of Vripack (Holland)